Cesium_137 is Vince Guzzardo and Isaac Glendening. Blending elements of EBM, trance, synthpop and IDM, the two have set out to create a unique form of emotive electronic dance music. Cs_137 originally formed when Matt Cargill and Isaac Glendening became close friends in 1995 while in high school. Both teens were enamored with the rising dark-electronic music scene and began to collaborate under the official banner of Cesium_137 in 1997. As time passed, lineups changed due to life circumstances, and Vince was brought in as a permanent member of the band.

Over the course of a good few years, they wrote and recorded a few albums, all of which were critically acclaimed. What started out as an aggro-EBM act has evolved into a band which embraces the sounds of trance, synthpop, new wave, and industrial. While never forgetting their roots and always exploring both fictional and true to life themes, Vince and Isaac are never content to rest on their laurels. "Science and Sound" which was released in 2012, was a beat driven meditation on the beauty and isolation of a technologically advanced world. And now they have released what they feel is one of their most accomplished works yet. "Rise To Conquer" is now available for purchase here on the Metropolis Records site.